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Luck in the House of Love

Dana and Rob's home showcase a series of pieces that illustrate their song; The Luckiest by Ben Folds. To add a finishing touch to Sara & Jill's lovely interior design, we created a personal art gallery of stretched canvas depicting the song's lyrics in an eclectic mix of modern styles. With these pieces being the first images Dana and Rob see in the morning and the last to be seen at bedtime, it was essential that they speak to their hearts. All of our conceptual sketches and notes were compiled in a keepsake scrapbook for Dana.

Puppy Love

The post-Impressionist painter Geoges Seurat would have loved Dana's entry hallway as it provides ample space to demonstrate his pointillism (little dots) technique. We kept him in mind to transform Dana's favorite pooch photo into a lovely pastoral image that becomes a vivid color field as you approach it.

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